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Whyen - Shooting Stars

Today, we have one of the most talented guys in the music game! He is a music producer, a film composer, a multi instrumentalist and DJ from Berlin. Yannik Neu also known as Whyen,

after studying music production in Berlin, composing various scores for films, and finding his feet in various band projects, Whyen kicked out on his own, creating a new project that would serve all his creative whims.

His unique sound can be described as a mixture of electronic music, combined with cinematic elements and structures. He aims to create a distinctive signature sound with his music, on top of elaborate sound design.

The Whyen Sound is more experimental and EDM driven, offering a deft slice of Future Bass brilliance that is shaped by the likes of Flume, Sam Gellaitry, Ramzoid, Two Feet, Mr. Carmack, Mura Masa, Hudson Mohawke, Jarreau Vandal, Evil Needle.

Recently, we had a submission on Groovers by Whyen. The track name is “Shooting Stars” which will be available on all streaming platforms on Jul, 01 | 2022, The song has groovy and catchy beats and lovely vocal chops.



We had a chance to have an interview with him, so here it all goes!

Our first question was,

— How did came up with this album, and what was the thought process for it?

He replied- “The song “Shooting Stars” is already over 3 years old, and it's the first time, I wrote “lyrics” and sing in a song, although it's just one single line. Normally I really like to sing, but in my own records I usually let other people sing. I’m also not the best at writing lyrics, that’s why it's just one line in the song “Shooting Stars”. Now after 3 years that song is finally going to be released this Friday, on July 1, 2022

We loved your song and it just a piece of art and real talent!

So, the next question was,

— What first got you into music?

He replied- “My mom had a big influence on me, because she’s really musical. She sings, plays guitar and piano—her first move was to send me to rhythm practise when I was 4 years old followed by chimes and flute lessons. After that I started playing the piano and later with 15 years guitar. During my studies I learned playing drums. My mom also listened to a lot of music when I was young, especially John Lennon, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Tina Turner,... so I was surrounded by good music all the time. The music she listened to (60s/70s/80s music), is still my favourite music of all time

And yes, it certainly reflects the prodigious work of yours!

Moving to next,

— Which artist inspires you the most and why?

He replied- “It’s not just a single artist, that inspired me, it's more the sound of the L.A. based label “Sou lection – The Sound of Tomorrow”. As I said before, all of those artists and their sound inspired me a lot, but also Flume had a big impact on me. Their music sound fresh and new and especially the slogan “The Sound of Tomorrow” couldn’t fit better to what they sound like, because in my opinion this IS the sound of tomorrow! I like experimenting with sounds and harmonies and I also like the unexpected, that’s why people often say, some of my tracks sound like 2 or 3 different tracks combined in one single track. I also like to break out of the key – many of my tracks aren’t written in only one key. I also like to feature many artists from all over the world, so that each one of them sings or raps in their mother tongue over my beats. I love the sound of other languages and the diversity!

So our last question was,

— Any final words for our reader and people listening to your music?

He replied- “I’m glad you listened to my music and even happier, that you like what you hear – thank you for that, I really appreciate it!

The next tracks are already finished, and I’m going to release an EP called “Utopia” including 5 tracks together with the awesome singer Juli-Ane on July 22, 2022! I’ll also release another song with a German singer called PADEE (July 15, 2022) , so stay tuned, and thank you for giving me the opportunity for this interview! :)

We loved and enjoyed your song so much and so our audience will too!

From here, we end our interview with Whyen. If you guys like groovy and catchy beats and lovely vocal chops, then we promise you won't be disappointed.

Lastly, We would like Yannik for giving his time to us with this beautiful song.

You can save the album “Shooting Stars” by clicking here.


Follow him at his socials down 👇


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