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Tony Bonzi - Mama (Title Track)

Today we have another great artist from Annemasse, France. Quentin also known as “Tony Bonzi”. You might recognize with hit EP “Vieux Sensei” streaming and rolling on French drill arena.

Recently, we had a submission on Groovers by Tony Bonzi. We as a label have enjoyed the track, the track had those 808 sliding up and down. So the track name is “Mama” which is already available on all streaming platforms.



We had a chance to have an interview with him and here's all we asked him!

— What was the story behind his stage name?

He replied- “The story behind my stage name Tony Bonzi is that my late older brother rapped when I was 10-11 as Bonzi (in reference to Portland Trail Blazers player Bonzi Wells), then My brother quit rap and I took his name to start my career, over the years Tony was added”.

Like all says, legacy must move on!

Our next question was,

— How did you come up with this album, and what was the thought process for it?

He replied- “At the end of 2021, I decided to resume rap after a short break, and decided to do one EP project per month for 12 months, the album “Vieux Sensei” is the third in this series.

In this project, I wanted to test The melody, and mix the drill and a lot of melody, the project was carried out in two weeks”.

We really loved those drill beats and our audience will surely too!

Moving to our next question,

— What first got you into music?

I started rap more than 20 years ago, I'm 34 years old, and I released my first official album at the age of 15 (in a group at the time), I did music simply by passion, I grew up and ate hip-hop culture from a very young age, all this culture was passed on by my big brother and his friends.

And since I never stopped, just out of habit, doing rap and music is like sport for me, there is no desire to become famous or to be a star but simply to perform in an art, and renew myself according to my desires”.

Yes, if you have desire and passion for something, you will achieve it one or another day.

Going to next,

— How you see yourself in next 5 years?

He replied- “In 5 years, I hope we will all be alive and well

Health is wealth!

Our next question,

— Do you have any favourite instrument?

He replied- “The bagpipe, this instrument is so intense, it directly transmits lively emotions

The Bagpipe has sort of high pitch and lean kind of sound which can be easily be mixed with any instruments. And yes, they are one of the oldest instruments in music history.

So, moving to the next question,

— Which artist inspires you the most and why?

He replied- “As a French rapper I would say Lalcko, because his album "diamand de conflit" was at the time the biggest lyrical slap that I could hear, and outside of rap, I would say that the group The Cranberries, for their classic album To , The Faithful Departed,best non-rap album for me”.

OK. Lalcko, Despo Rutti, Dosseh are taking French rap music to the next level!

Moving on to next,

— Any recommendations for new artists?

He replied- “I recommend the Swiss German artists Brazzo and Danase, superb artists, another language but big talent”.

Language should never be a barrier for music, we must always keep learning for our surrounding and finding what the best is going on.

Our last question was,

— Any final words for our reader and people listening to your music?

He replied- “Thank you in advance to all those who will take the time to listen and share my music . Hip-hop culture for life, peace to you all and believe in yourself”.

So from here, we end our interview with Tony, “Mama” is out now on all steaming platforms. If you guys love French drill and swing Hip-hop, then we promise you won't feel left off.

Lastly, We would like Quentin for giving his time to us with this fire song.

You can stream “Mama” by clicking here.

Follow him at his socials down 👇

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