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SuperNikko - Nice Guy (Title Track)

Today we have another rising artist from Houston. Jordan Nichols, known as “SuperNikko” is absolutely talent rapper and record producer. He is an audio engineer of nearly a decade, having all achievements for just being at age of 23. With his 2021 Debut music video, “Ball Out” ft. Swabbo reaching a staggering 15 thousand views within the first week, the future he is writing for himself is far from over.

Recently, we had a submission on Groovers by SuperNikko. We as a label have enjoyed the track, the track had those guitar vibes like Lil Baby, Iann Dior. The track name is “Nice Guy” which will available on 13th May.



We had a chance to have an interview with him, so here it all goes!

— We asked him that how did came up with this album, and what was the thought process For it?

He replied- “Nice guy is a track about having to be the light in dark situations. This song if for all the people in the world that feel they have to Be the “Nice Guy”.

I came up with the idea for Nice Guy one night in the studio with an artist friend of mine (Swabbo). The recent events in my life were the inspirations behind this track. Once we cooked up a beat, I got to work ! This song was composed purely off of feeling!

Coooooool! Those beats are so damn good, our audience will surely love it.

Our next question was,

— What first got you into music?

He replied- “When I first got into music, I was in love with the production side of the industry! I’ve been an audio engineer professionally for 6+ years, and I am choosing to take a step away from engineering to be a full time recording artist.

And yes, we certainly can see that!

Going to next,

— What are your thoughts about different genres in Hip-hop scene like new genre which Industrial rap, Hardcore rap and Metal Trap?

He replied- “I honestly have a lot of love for all genres in hip hop! With a past in audio engineering, I have an open mind when it comes to music. I am even willing to collaborate to get out of my comfort zone.

Talented Artist like you just need a Mic and that all to give hit track!

Our next question was,

— Which artist inspires you the most and why?

He replied- “I would honestly say an artist that inspires me most is Lil Baby. Though I rarely find myself listening to rap music, I can definitely give him credit where it’s due. I feel he has laid a blueprint for independent artists to follow while maintaining a Humble mindset.

True, Lil Baby already giving hit songs on a trail! I guess he one of the most inspiring artist for most upcoming artist as well.

So, moving to the next question,

— Any recommendations for new artists, like any writing techniques they should adopt?

He replied- “One writing tip I can share is: DO NOT overthink it. This can be as simple or as difficult as you make it. Music is art, and you create art with emotion.

This tip might help many upcoming artists, the only thing new artists require is a motivation!

And our last question,

— Is there any new album or collaboration coming soon?

He replied- “I will be dropping “Nice Guy” May 13th then I will be releasing a collaboration single with SBC (Souther Boy Clique) and Swabbo!

We are already waiting for your next hot releases!

From here, we end our interview with NIKKO, “Nice Guy” is dropping this May 13th. If you guys love EMO and swing Hip-hop, then we promise you won't be disappointed.

Lastly, We would like Jordan aka SuperNikko for giving his time to us with this beautiful song.

You can stream “Nice Guy” by clicking here.

Follow him at his socials down 👇

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