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Lon V Don – Storm (Title Track)

Such a great day today because we have one of the talented artist from Chicago in the house. D’Lonnie Blair also known as Lon V Don is one of the talent rapper and record producer. He started kicking fire tracks from his debut single “Die Alone” to The Latest Single “Stay Alert”.

Today, we had a submission on Groovers by Lon V Don. We really enjoyed the track, the track had those emo vocals at background and pumping drums and 808. The track name is “Storm” from his latest Album “Poverty Scars” which is already lighting up all streaming platforms.



So we had a chance to have an interview with him, so here it all goes!

— How did you come up with the stage name?

He replied- “I came up with my stage name “LonvDon” with me feeling that I have 2 personalities and being in a broken home people knew me as 2 different people at most times. “Lon” being the soft-spoken, emotional ladies man, that’s been through some of the worst things a human can experience, the pain he endured Keeps him humble because he knows how life can take an unfortunate turn and break you down, versus, which is what the V in the middle stands for, “Don” being a confident alter ego some might say the cocky, arrogant, loud side he paves his own way no one can make him do anything he moves when he wants too, he’s his own boss, with that same pain he endured makes him a beast he’s going to let you know he’s from nothing and wants to be great

Such a deep relation and fascinating stage name. The name expresses more itself with emotions from your music.

Our next question was,

— How did came up with this album, and what was the thought process for it?

He replied- “The Mixtape “Poverty Scars” is an 8 track mixtape, features songs like “storm” and “so what” as the most streamed songs. Coming up with this mixtape I always have 2 sides to a Mixtape/Album my first concept, I wanted to let people get a feel for what hardships I faced in Chicago, IL as a child and reach out to those that are experiencing or experienced those same hardships in life. My second concept was showing how it’s also been good times coming up in poverty living young and reckless and the dumb things we do with no guidance, being flashy and Casanova, thinking that violence is a way of life”.

The Song is so damn good, our audience will surely love it. Even the whole album is fire!

Going to next,

— How would you describe the music that you typically create?

He replied- “Most of the music I create is unpredictable even to me because I never know what personality the beat will bring out if not both but if I had to say something specific I know I’m lyrical I love writing songs as much as punching in my recording process I like giving thought to what I’m going to say after listen to a beat, and I’m heavy on having different flows and punchlines, metaphors and similes on my songs no matter what sound comes out

And yes, we certainly can see that!

Our next question is,

— What first got you into music?

He replied- “Chicago drill scene first got me into music, I was 11-12 years old when I made my first song I wrote a song for me and my friends I created the hook and all 3 verses that were rapped in the song and after that I always just wrote songs down on paper mainly lil herb remixes, but I was shy when it came to rapping in front of friends or family so no one ever heard but my younger brother”.

Even your younger brother as well as your family will be so proud of you for where you are right now!

Going to next,

— Which artist inspires you the most and why?

He replied- “I honestly have 3, first was Lil Wayne he inspired me to rap with his punchlines and as I look back as a child to know what he was saying and knowing the meanings of what metaphors and similes he was saying is crazy to me because most adults still don’t know the meaning of his lyrics and wordplay. Secondly Lil herb AKA G herbo, his story telling and pain and aggression he puts in his songs and the ways he puts it will make you feel it as you were there with him, it touches you especially being able to relate to most the stories he tells

. And last but not least Aboogie wit the hoodie, his sound was just amazing to me, and he never shied away from being emotional and talking about his feelings as well as the pain he experienced. All of their flows are different, and they make sure to change up their flows, so being a student to the game I know changing up your lyrics and flows and just being versatile in general it catches the listener's attention more”.

Lil Wayne is a living legend, he's one most inspiring rapper since 20s for almost all the rappers in the game.

Our last question is,

— Any final words for our reader and people listening to your music?

He replied- “I just wanna say Much love and I can’t become one of the brightest stars out here without my supporters, FMOIG @vlonn_, and I’ll never stop working on becoming the greatest one day. Hopefully you guys will follow my story and music more, and I get to show more of me to the world”.

From here, we end our interview with Lon V Don, “Storm” is already streaming now. So if you EMO motivative, nostalgic beats and swing Hip-hop, then you won't be disappointed.

Lastly, We would like D’Lonnie Blair for giving your precious time to us with this beautiful song.

You can stream “Storm” by clicking here.

Follow him at his socials down 👇

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