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Holly S'toon - The Beast Inside

Yes, We have another fire track to be shared between you guys. The track name is “The Beast Inside” which is produced by Holly S'toon.

Holly S'toon is an EDM producer from Ludwigshafen, Germany. He is well known for this latest hit remix, which he did for “Milky Chance – Colorado”. Recently we had a submission on Groovers, with hot track.

The track “The Beast Inside” contains all the element require for rave at concert which you won't be disappointed. Those growls and hard kick and snare with perfectly mix vocals makes the track outstanding.

So, We had a chance of interviewing him for this latest album, and we asked a bit about himself too! So here we go…!

Stating with,

— How did came up with this album, and what was the thought process for it?

This what he replied—” Originally it was meant to be a Progressive House track and as I was working on it, after so many hours, I wasn't happy with what I composed so far. I thought it needed a different style and deleted my work and started all over again.

The vocals were my base, my starting point in this project. They had to stay.

I'm really open to all Genres and I figured it would sound better with some Dubstep Vibes, even though I never made Dubstep. After I was done, I had my friend from Calgary, Canada, aka “Merciless Rage” who’s a Dubstep Artist, listen to it, and he gave me the thumbs up.

That concludes Never settle for one, If you have another idea on your mind, go for it.

Going on to our next question,

— What first got you into music?

He replied- “Through the years I learned some music instruments and became in the early 90s a Party DJ. Together with my buddy, we were roaming from Party to Party. A few years later, my brother-in-law (at that time) was a professional DJ and was on stage with Carl Cox, DJ Rush etc. and I wanted to start a DJ Duo with him and make Electronic Music, but he was busy getting his Master Degree.

Now years later, the kids are grown up, I wanted to live my dream to become an Electronic Music Artist and here we are.

Carl Cox and DJ Rush are one of top DJ in 1999 and early 2005. Time changes, so the artist too!

Anyway, Going on to our next question,

— How would you describe the music that you typically create?

He replied-“ Actually, there is no typical music I’m creating. I couldn’t find the exact Sub Genre, yet I’m fitting in. Maybe I never will. I like many styles of Electronic Music (Hardstyle, House, Progressive House, Slap, Bass House). My personal Spotify Electronic Music Playlist I’m listening to is chaotic.

There are people who really liked my latest Hardstyle track, and they are probably looking forward to the next one and might be disappointed that I’ll release this Dubstep Project and the other way around.

Artist should never stuck to just only one genre, being creative the key. As per the top music charts after Pop and Rap music, the trending genre is always House music, and it is one of the oldest genres in music industry.

Next question is,

— Which artist inspires you the most and why?

He replied- “In the Electronic Music Business, I’m stunned every time Tiesto releases a single. He is a genius. Just a look at his track “The Business” for example. He creates with a view samples, a mega festival banger. Oh, or megamind David Guetta. Would like to have his Backup USB dongle with the projects he’s working on.”

Yes, Tiesto and David Guetta are two living legends of EDM industry. They are probably the most inspiring for upcoming artists.

Going on to next,

— Any recommendations for new artists, like what samples or VST should they go for?

He replied- “With the VST’s It all depends on the budget you have. There are pretty cool Applications out there, but pricey.

All my songs are made with Apple’s GarageBand so far, but just switched to BandLab. Will see how that goes.

So, having an idea for proper structure and a bit of sampling can lead to get you on charts!

Our next question is,

— Any new album or collaboration coming soon?

He replied' “Yes. During the process of composing a project, I get all of a sudden the idea for another track. I do have many unfinished projects I’m working on right now.

This month on May 20th I'm going to release a Slap House song.

There will be 2 Hardstyle tracks coming in the next months, and 3 Progressive House. Also, just recently started a Dubstep track as well.

Will see how it works out. I want quality, not quantity.

Yeah, Quality over Quantity!

If you like Dubstep or Riddim, with a salt of dark ambiance adding with hark kick and Snare, then the song “The Beast Inside” won't be disappointing as you should add it on your playlist as well.

You can listen the track by clicking here.

Let us know how you liked the album and if you want to us to ask or add some tutorial comment down in the section!

Hope you guys liked our interview with Holly S'toon. We as a label enjoyed his song too and we thank Holly S'toon for giving his precious time to us.

Follow him at his socials down 👇


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