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DJ H Chimist - Life Bond

We have an artist from France. Hakim Borni, also known as DJ H Chimist. Started as working as a chemist in a laboratory for ten years to one of the leading Beat maker and Producer. DJ H CHIMIST produced several albums in the French rap with beautiful collaborations as Soprano, Mystik, Lino and many more. Today DJ H Chimist has expanded his horizons with new musical influences by composing instrumentals of different styles (rap, pop, chill, reggaeton, film music …) and invite artists from around the world (Belgium, United States, Spain, Colombia, Morocco, etc.) to finalize his projects.

Recently, we had a submission on Groovers by DJ H Chimist. We as a label loved the track, the track is influenced by dreamy atmosphere of the music takes you into the universal theme. So the track name is “Life Bond” which is available on all streaming platforms on Apr, 22 | 2022.



We had a chance to have an interview with him, so here it all goes!

Our first question was,

— How did came up with this album, and what was the thought process for it?

He replied- “I started to create the instrumental and everything was so fast for this one, the melodies came quite easily, and I could think about the theme, the ideas.

I saw a female voice to accompany the music. So I contacted a female singer (Mariami) from Los Angeles to put all these ideas into songs.

She immediately knew how to support the flat side of the music with her angelic voice :)

For the video clip it's about the same, I submitted my ideas of benevolent fairy, and I contacted a team performing in this field of video clip “colorkeys_studios” which has immediately adhered to the project and brought the dreamlike atmosphere I was looking for manga cartoon :).

After all this post-production work “Life Bond” was born

Just a piece of art, unique and real talent!

So, the next question was,

— What first got you into music?

He replied- “Since I was young, I grew up with my brothers who listened to a lot of music of all kinds (rap, pop, rock, etc). Being the youngest I followed the movement. It made my head spin all day long, I loved it. Until the day when I decided to ask one of my uncles who was a radio host to lend me a mixing desk at the age of 13. You know the rest!

It does reflect the endeavour work of yours!

Moving to next,

— Which artist inspires you the most and why?

He replied- “I don't listen to as much music as I used to, but I still listen to what's out there.

I don't choose a particular genre, I can like artists of any kind, it's just enough that a music crosses me the body in vibration and the spirit in emotion to like the title definitively.

The artists that inspired me are the French rap group IAM for example or Metallica the rock metal group, I also like a lot of French variety music from the Alain Souchon and Michael Jackson era, a lot of funk bands etc. and more recently bands like Coldplay or Imagine Dragons can take me far in my inspirations

Coldplay or Imagine Dragons are just legendary band. They are one of their own kind and inspirational for many of us!

So our last question was,

— Any final words for our reader and people listening to your music?

He replied- “Just a word “Thank you” because without you, we would not exist.

Thank you for allowing our music to travel through your relays, your reviews, your support.

To allow it to exist

We loved and enjoyed your song so much and so our audience will too!

From here, we end our interview with DJ H Chimist, “Life Bond”. If you guys like chill music with ambience, then we promise you won't be disappointed.

Lastly, We would like Hakim for giving his time to us with this beautiful song.

You can pre-save the album “Life Bond” by clicking here.



Follow him at his socials down 👇


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