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Aphelyon - Aphelyon (Title Track)


Today we have a great track from Aphelyon. You might know him as Adam Barley, better known under his stage name, Aphelyon, is an American producer, DJ, and performing musician. His performances are a soulful journey through electronica, blending elements of house, hip-hop, funk and jazz.

We had a track on Groovers by Aphelyon, The track is already rocking on all the streaming platform as now. We had a great opportunity to have a chat with him, so here it all starts!

— We asked him about how he came with this banger!?

Here’s what he replied -”Aphelyon is my latest single release – it is also the name of my new solo project. I will be releasing material a single at a time for now. This project is the culmination of all my musical experiences up to this point in my career. I've performed, studied, and enjoyed so many styles and genres throughout my life. Composing, producing, arranging, and mixing all of my own material allows me to have the creative freedom to express what I want to say through music. This process really brings it “full circle” for me in the most satisfying sense, and my hope is that others get the opportunity to enjoy these sounds and grooves at live performances and in the comfort of their own listening environment.

Like all legends says, Music is all about concentration and Satisfaction!

So, we move on to our next question…

— What is your creative process like? Like our new upcoming producer, so start their thought process…?

He replied -” The only aspect of the creative process I feel like I have control over is putting in the hours—working as hard as I can, and continuing to be disciplined with my craft. The rest takes care of itself in a way I don't totally understand, but is completely invigorating and awe-inspiring -- closely related to the sense of ease, flow and connection that comes from meditation, or live music, or whatever gives you that “in the moment” feel. I just have to get started, get the energy moving and the composition will take on a life of its own. It's a beautiful ride every time.

Very true, we must say! Making music for self is such a soul satisfy.

Going to our next question, we asked…

— What first got you into music? Like when did it all started?

He replied -"Primarily my parents; most especially my Mom. She was always playing music and introducing me and my brother to the wide variety of artists she loved to listen to. I accredit her for the passion I have for so many styles and genres of music. Both of my parents were always encouraging me to play an instrument, and once I started guitar lessons it was an instant love. Their support and encouragement continued all the way through college and grad school when I decided to study music extensively. I certainly wouldn't be where I am today without them.

Wow, having such a supporting parents is already a great blessing.

To become a successful artist, there is always one supportive family member or a friend who pushed them to achieved their goal.

Another question..

— How would you describe the music that you typically create?

He replied -” This project is a blend of some of the most influential musical genres throughout my life and music career -- electronica, deep chill house, and hip hop. You will hear a lot of guitar work throughout the tunes, as guitar is my main instrument. When performed live, the songs will have open sections of groove/dance based guitar improvisation.

Yes, it is surely one of its kind. We are so hype to hear it on your stage performance…!

So our last question is…

— Any new album or collaboration coming soon?

He replied -” look out for a lot of new music in the coming months and the rest of 2022 and beyond. I do plan on collaborations and eventually playing major festivals.

So yes, you guys already saw it's official announced by Aphelyon that more tracks are coming up soon!

If you like EDM, with a taste of guitar adding with house music then the song Aphelyon won't be disappointing as you should add it on your playlist as well.

Let us know how you liked the album down in the comment section!

You can listen to any Streaming Platforms by clicking here.

Hope you guys enjoyed our chit-chat Interview with Aphelyon, and We would like to thank Aphelyon for giving his time to us with this beautiful song.


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